Journal Entry #1 (7/31/23)


    Im so happy that I got my website back up


    I haven’t really been eating well like I should but im doing as best as I can. The sacrifices . I tell you 


    Honey buns have been there for me lol 


    I pray my health is in good order


    I gotta get my Hyundai back on the road. It did last me a good year tho with no problems. Even tho I learned how to drive stick shift in it soooooo 

    ill give it to me being too hard on the clutch. Even tho it was alil sketchy from jump . I just started feeling the energy of how I felt with two working cars compared to how I feel now . So in that case imma get it back going 


    God has definitely put me through the training process that will make me into a behemoth in my talents. So I stay focused and driven 


    I teared up today missing Nana, I got a waif of a smell that reminded me of her perfume she would always wear to church. I wonder if my mom still has her perfume and maybe I will spray it on something that will hold the smell. (Thinking)


    I have always been a helpful soul but I feel I am helping others at a high rate and wider range now. I agree with myself that it is from growing my knowledge and perspective on business and the motivation and drive you need to get it done. 


    I have been reading alot . I read two books in 3 days . Lets you know when I really want something, I do things I never have before to get them done. I guess that’s what the meaning of journey is right . Unmarked territories that you haven’t set foot on . 


    My mother has been working her ass off and that bothers me. 


    When I see old people over 60 working at 9-5s it bothers me. 


    Rare Gualla is driving. 

    Terrell is waiting.